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I have been coding since I was seven years old. I first started with Scratch as a basic programming language, then I moved onto Python where I wrote many of the scripts I use on a daily basis for pentesting. 

I am currently enrolled at the University of North Florida pursuing a degree in Information Technology.

I started and run a tech repair business to help people with all kinds of different problems that todays tech throws at us.      



Information Technology Degree

University of North Florida

I am currently enrolled at the University of North Florida working on a degree in Information Technology.


High School Education


I have managed to keep a 4.3 GPA for all years of my High School Education. I was enrolled at PROVIDENCE EXTENSION PROGRAM, a college prepatory school that has a tremendous workload to prepare students for college.

April 2018

Digital Information Technology

December 2018

Foundations of Programming


Procedural Programming (Python Focused)



June 2023 > Current

Systems Administrator

City Of Neptune Beach

A highly competent and results-oriented Systems Administrator with extensive experience in networking, domain management, IT ticketing systems, and the implementation of complex systems. Proven track record of maintaining high system availability, improving operational efficiency, and resolving a wide range of IT issues through strategic planning and hands-on technical expertise.

  • Administered and maintained a multi-site network infrastructure, ensuring robust performance and high levels of security.
  • Managed and configured domain environments, including Active Directory, group policies, user accounts, and permissions.
  • Efficiently handled IT service tickets from inception to resolution, prioritizing according to business impact and escalating as necessary.
June 2023 > August 2023

Advanced Repair Agent

Best Buy

Worked as an Advanced Repair Agent at Best Buy's Geek Squad. Responsibilities included diagnosing and repairing a wide range of software and hardware issues, providing excellent customer service, and maintaining up-to-date knowledge of current technology trends.

November 2021 > Current

Repair Technician

Ryan Tech Repair

I have owned and operated my own tech repair business which has helped tons of people to upgrade computers, recover from cyberattacks, and educate them on the do's and dont's of surfing the web.

June 2022 > February 2023

Tester/Inventory Management/Social Media Manager

Sensible Recycling and ReuseIT Jax

I have worked on testing various computers for Sensible Recycling to make sure they are ready for resale. I have also managed the social media to make sure users are up to date on current promotions and deals.

December 2020 > 2021

Shop Manager

Tiny Little Tech Shop

I have been in charge of the software/hardware/promotions/improvements of the Tiny Little Tech Shop in San Marco, Jacksonville.

August 2020 > May 2021

3D Print Manager / Senior Modeler

Tiny Little Tech Shop

I have been handling the process of printing items for builds, creating and stress testing print jobs for customers and setting up the framework for online 3D print orders.


November 2021

Blender Animation and 3D Design Showcase

Blender Showcase
December 2020

Ancient History - Short Film

Time Heist
November 2023


Iterative and Self-Improving Website Development

WebDevGPT is designed to streamline the process of website development from initial user input to the final deployment. The workflow integrates PromptAI and CoderAI, two AI-driven components that work together to interpret user requirements, generate detailed coding instructions, and create a website that meets the specified criteria.

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May 2023


Interactive PDF Search Tool

QueryBuddy is a powerful tool that turns uploaded PDFs into an interactive, searchable database powered by advanced AI technology. It seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp, allowing users to get real-time responses to their text queries. With QueryBuddy, users have a smart companion for immediate access to their document-based information, anytime, anywhere.

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March 2023


Interactive Study Aid

StudyGPT is an interactive study aid built on OpenAI's GPT-4. It generates a series of questions on any topic and provides instant feedback. The tool adapts to your performance by focusing on areas you struggle with and supports syntax highlighting for code-related questions. It is open-source and contributions are welcome.

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MTA: Python Certified Developer


2nd Place Science Fair (Computer Science)


I got second place for my Password Strength tester.


Here are some services I offer: